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Sunrise watching opportunities on our sail boat trips
We welcome singles and small group sailing

About Us

Philosophy & Mission

"If our hearts are not yearning to be part of every single one of our trips, then we will not offer it” is the philosophy driving our business.  We started Mar-A-Mar Travel because sailing, wellness, athleticism, and travel are our passions, our freedom and our connection to the elements - especially the sea.


Our mission is to facilitate the fine balance of adventure, nature, and culture that our ideal passenger seeks.  We want them to feel the thrill in their hearts as they experience the miracle of the ocean, the wind and the unimaginable beauty of the destinations they select.


Last but not least, as a boutique firm our overhead costs are minimal, so you get the best value for your money.


Let us take you to paradise!

Management Team

Sherman (Freedom Seeker)

Sherman is our top freedom seeker, jacuzzi champion, and one of our toughest fish to pull out of the water.  His love for the key sailing concept that you have to go with the wind is what made him fall in love with the sport years ago.

He oversees our marketing, IT, accounting, partnerships, and staff. Plus, with over two decades of computer security experience, you can rest assured that he has thought of everything possible to keep our online store safe. You can also be sure that his analytical mind will iron out every possible kink in each one of our trips.

By the end of the trip you will not be able to stop yourself from repeating his favorite phrase: “Who let the dogs out? Who? Who? Who? Who?”  Thanks for that one, Baha! 



Mar-A-Mar Travel hires highly certified, professional and charismatic skippers to ensure your safety and enjoyment.  Additionally, Sherman or his designate will join your trips as host to ensure that we cater to your every need and organize your personalized itineraries and activities.

In the press

  • John Roberts, passionate world traveler, wrote about us in his blog, "In The Loop Travel"; he definitely noticed our desire to break new grounds by offering fitness oriented, eco-friendly adventures

  • We even converted a cruise ship aficionado, David Kriso, to the world of sailing - read his account at DEK Travel Journal

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