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Saronic sailing - itineraries and maps

Saronic Sailing

The Saronic islands are a perfect destination for first time sailors. The winds here are not as strong as in the Cyclades, which leads to a smoother sailing experience. So, if you are afraid you may get sea sick, or if you are traveling with small children, going on a Saronic sailing trip is a great alternative.

These are some of the islands the winds will take you to.


Aegina: Very close to Athens, Aegina has many hidden bays and beautiful beaches, wonderful for swimming and snorkeling. Due to its history of rivalry with the Greek capital, you will find here lots of interesting things to see, like the Aphaia temple.


Poros: With a very charming port, with lots of bars, tavernas and buzzing nightlife, Poros is the place where you can mingle with the locals. There are a few beautiful beaches nearby that can be reached by bike or if you feel lazy after a night of dancing we can take you there by boat.


Hydra: In the shape of an amphitheater, Hydra is one of the most romantic islands and a very sought after Saronic sailing destination. You can enjoy a beautiful sunset view from one of the cliff side bars, and then head back to port for a nice dinner in the stylish tavernas by the water. It feels like a little Venice. The port is very busy, so we need to arrive early.


Moni: Very close to Aegina, Moni is a tiny island great for a snorkeling afternoon. If you are lucky, you may even spot a deer in it's pretty pine forest.


Agistri: Agistri is a small paradise with pristine turquoise waters, great for snorkeling. Swim up to one of the tiny beaches and make it your own. At night, explore the nice tavernas by the sea, then head to one of the cozy cocktail bars.


Reserve now, adventure awaits.

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